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Programs and Services

The Tenant Empowerment Program educates and trains our tenants on how to be a successful tenant and contributing member of a shared living community.  Learn More.

Affordable Housing Development Program

Housing Unlimited acquires (and when necessary, renovate) townhomes and condominium units that serve as permanent independent scattered-site supportive housing for extremely low income (below 30% of area median income) adults in mental health recovery in Montgomery County, Maryland. Housing Unlimited currently serves more than 247 individuals in 90 scattered-site homes throughout Montgomery County.  Learn More. 

Extra Measure Property Management Program

The Extra-Measure Property Management Program provides education and training to Housing Unlimited tenants regarding the critical steps that tenants must take to maintain their Housing Unlimited housing in the community. Stable housing is vitally important for the long-term individual stability of adults in mental health recovery.  As part of this Program, Housing Unlimited staff visit our homes every week to check on the condition of the properties and dialogue with our tenants.

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“Anyone can get their life back or a better way to live if they are willing to change. And that is what HUI is all about.” 
              HUI Tenant, Laurs Warner

Tenant Empowerment:

1. Tenants Council Program

Housing Unlimited's Tenants Council is an autonomous tenants association that provides community building within the Housing Unlimited tenant community by fostering peer support, networking, and social programming.  Tenants Council officers receive leadership training and skills training. Are you an HUI Tenant interested in joining the Tenants Council?  

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2. Hire from Within 

Over 45% of our staff are former tenants or other consumer leaders. We also hire tenants as paid interns to help carry out many of the administrative, property management, and public education duties. These employees and interns are role models to all of Housing Unlimited’s tenants.

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