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Extra Measure

Extra Measure Property Management Program

The Extra-Measure Property Management Program provides education and training to Housing Unlimited tenants regarding the critical steps that tenants must take to maintain their Housing Unlimited housing in the community. Stable housing is vitally important for the long-term individual stability of adults in mental health recovery.  The “extra-measure property management” initiative begins with a person's very first meeting with Housing Unlimited staff.  During this meeting, Housing Unlimited staff conducts an education session regarding the meaning of the key elements of a lease.  Moreover, tenant as well as landlord rights and obligations are reviewed.  At the close of the session, the person is invited to enter into a lease with Housing Unlimited.  The initiative continues with regular weekly house visits by Housing Unlimited staff to meet with tenants, answer tenants’ questions, and ensure tenants are fulfilling their lease obligations to properly maintain the house.  Housing Unlimited is pleased to report that, over the past three years, over 90% of Housing Unlimited tenants fulfilled their Housing Unlimited lease obligations in terms of payment of rent on time, home cleanliness standards, and respectful communications with housemates.  Moreover, over 90% of tenants have maintained their housing for one year or more.

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