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Tenant Empowerment

Tenant Empowerment Program

The Tenant Empowerment Program educates and trains our tenants on how to be a successful tenant and contributing member of a shared living community. The program has three major components:

  • Extra Measure Property Management  - Our staff visit each and every home weekly to check in with our tenants and ensure that they are honoring their lease.  While we do not provide social services, we do use these opportunities to regularly check-in and talk with with tenants. Learn More.


  • Hire from Within - Over 45% of our staff are former tenants or other consumer leaders. We also hire tenants as paid interns to help carry out many of the administrative, property management, and public education duties. These employees are role models to all of Housing Unlimited’s tenants.  


  • Tenants Council - The Tenants Council is an elected body of tenants that meets regularly to socialize and discuss common issues. Activities include conveying tenant concerns to staff and planning education and social programs where individuals cultivate friendships and camaraderie. The Council helps residents learn civic engagement and leadership skills. 

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