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Home Sweet Home: Summer Housing Tips from HUI

Updated: Jun 28

  • As temperatures rise to record highs, don’t forget to service your air conditioner and change your filters throughout your home! Regular tune-ups of your HVAC system and filter changes increase the life of your system and help it function more efficiently.

  • Switch your ceiling fan blade direction to be counterclockwise. The direction of the blade determines how the air will be circulated. In warmer weather when you’re trying to cool down interior spaces, the blades should spin counterclockwise to help the air cool by providing a downdraft. Don’t forget to switch it back once the weather gets colder! The clockwise rotation will create an updraft to help circulate warm air.

  • Enjoy your yard without the swarm of insects! A quick spritz of outdoor bug spray around the perimeter of your house and yard will keep you relaxed in your yard instead of running for cover! If the issues become serious, don't wait to bring out a professional. 

    • See below for a few eco-friendly repellants:

      • Oil of lemon eucalyptus

      • Need oil

      • Lemongrass oil

      • Peppermint oil

      • Catnip oil

      • Citronella oil

  • Clean out gutters and downspouts! Safely clear all debris from gutters and see that downspouts are still routed properly so summer rain drains away from the house.

  • As always…test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors!

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