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March Housing Unlimited Staff Spotlight - Debbie Kellermann

Debbie, a part-time Program Associate, has been an integral member of HUI since 2021. Born a US Citizen in Switzerland, she now considers Montgomery County her home. Debbie attended Walt Whitman High School and has held several jobs here locally.


Due to her father's Foreign Services career, Debbie has a worldly perspective and a deep appreciation for cultural diversity. She has lived in Guatemala and visited Africa and other faraway destinations. She maintains close ties with her family, especially her brother Tommy in Colorado, whom she speaks with regularly. Additionally, Debbie cherishes her relationship with her aunt, a former actress with credits in notable films. Despite the distance, they make it a priority to see each other twice a year, alternating between visits to New York and Montgomery County.


In her local community, Debbie finds joy in her involvement with the "Fun Bunch," a nonprofit group that fosters friendships and shared experiences among individuals living with disabilities. She relishes the monthly gatherings, which include activities like indoor swimming, bowling, and dining out.


Known for her sociable nature and positive outlook, Debbie is a beloved figure among her peers. She enjoys spending time with friends and indulging in her love for music and movies. At work, she collaborates closely with other Program Associates, conducting tenant inspections with care and respect.


One tenant, in particular, resonates deeply with Debbie. Inspired by their resilience and independence, she sees reflections of her own journey in their experiences. Debbie finds fulfillment in contributing to their well-being and witnessing their gratitude, mirroring her own sense of contentment.


In summary, Debbie brings warmth, compassion, and a wealth of life experiences to her role at HUI, enriching both her colleagues' lives and the communities she serves.

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