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January Housing Unlimited Staff Spotlight - Tiffany Lamin

Updated: Jan 8

Meet Tiffany Lamin, a dedicated and accomplished professional with a passion for helping others heal and move forward with their lives. As the Director of Property Management at Housing Unlimited (HUI), Tiffany has played a leadership role in carrying out our Extra Measure Property Management services to our tenants for the past four years. 

Originally hailing from Littlerock, California, Tiffany has embraced Maryland as her home for the majority of her life, proudly considering herself a true Marylander.  Tiffany's journey in the social services sector began as a Residential Rehabilitation Program Counselor in Baltimore County. In this role, she assisted adults with severe mental disabilities in developing crucial independent living skills. After three impactful years, Tiffany transitioned to Case Management, where she continued to work with adults facing mental disabilities, this time in Howard County. Her commitment to making a difference in the lives of others led her to HUI, where she found a unique opportunity to leverage her skills in mental health recovery as a Property Manager.  

She says, "I enjoy showing prospective tenants our properties. When I observe their reaction to the beautiful homes, I get a deep sense of fulfillment. Especially for those who have come to Housing Unlimited from homelessness or another difficult living situation. I recently moved in a tenant, who was previously homeless. He expressed his gratitude for HUI's affordable rent sliding scale, and he mentioned that he was grateful to have a stable home where his daughter could visit him during the holidays."

Throughout her tenure at HUI, Tiffany has not only excelled in her role but has also cultivated strong relationships with colleagues, established meaningful connections with various community organizations, and formed lasting bonds with the tenants she serves. In addition to her professional work, Tiffany is a devoted wife and mother to two beautiful daughters. 

HUI is fortunate to have Tiffany as HUI’s Director of Property Management and is grateful for her outstanding commitment to our tenant community.  Tiffany is a valued leader within HUI as well as the broader social services sector. 

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