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Home Sweet Home #2 - Prepare Your Home for Winter with Tips from Housing Unlimited

As the seasons change, it's time to gear up for winter, and we've got you covered with a fresh batch of essential homeowner tips. These insights will empower you to proactively prepare for the colder months, helping you steer clear of costly mistakes and ensure a cozy, trouble-free winter season.

  • Prevent Blockage! To clear blockage, make sure to clean out your window wells. You can keep the drain clear to prevent a clog that could leave you with a wet basement. Alternatively, purchase a window well cover to prevent any blockage.

  • Shorten Grass! During the summer months you want to keep your lawn height longer to shade roots and hold in water. This fall, set your mower to a lower setting and cut your grass shorter (2 ½ to 3 inches). This will help dry out your soil quicker in the spring, leading to a lusher, greener lawn.

  • Winter Equipment Check! This is Housing Unlimited coming to you from the future (and, maybe as early as December this year)… Did the first snow hit and you can’t find your shovel and your snow blower is broken? Don’t be this person! Make sure you have all of your equipment ready to go for the winter months.

  • Faucets Turned Off! Before the first freeze make sure to turn off all outside faucets. Water freezing in your pipes during the cold months can lead to them bursting. This is a simple task to prevent a potentially costly fix!

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