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Empowering Tomorrow: New Solar Panel Partnerships Illuminate Housing Unlimited's Commitment to Sustainable Living

Housing Unlimited (HUI), in partnership with the Montgomery County Green Bank, Skyview Ventures, and Lumina Solar, has installed solar panels at one of our single-family detached homes and one of our townhomes.

As part of this 20-year agreement, Skyview Ventures will own the panels and be responsible for the maintenance of the panels. Skyview will also reap the tax benefits associated with the deployment of solar panels. The benefit to HUI will be in the form of lower utility rates during the period of the agreement.

In addition, HUI was invited to participate in a community solar project of Warner Memorial Presbyterian Church in Kensington, Maryland. The solar project is estimated to generate almost 82,000 kWh annually. The solar energy generated by the project far exceeds the energy needs of the church building.

As a result, the church will be able to “sell back” its excess energy to PEPCO. However, the church has chosen not to reap the financial rewards of the sale of the excess energy for itself. Instead, the church has graciously committed to transferring the financial rewards to three local low-income households and HUI. For HUI, it means that one of our homes will receive a 44% discount on our electric bill every month.

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