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December Housing Unlimited Staff Spotlight - Daisy Thompson

Updated: Jan 15

Daisy Thompson

Meet one of Housing Unlimited's Program Associates, Daisy Thompson, who works part-time with our finance team. Originally from Virginia, Daisy came to Maryland to be reunited with her family. Prior to starting with Housing Unlimited nine years ago, Daisy had been a stay-at-home mom who was medically retired and kept herself busy by volunteering in her community. She is passionate about advocating for those in need, and works hard in her role at Housing Unlimited. 

When not working, Daisy enjoys singing, dancing, writing, painting, jewelry making, interior decorating, crafting, nature walks, and volunteering in the faith community. She is interested in ancient African history when Egypt was called Kemet and is a nature lover who appreciates flowers and watching hummingbirds, cardinals, and golden finches. 


When asked about her job at Housing Unlimited, Daisy shares:

"I enjoy staff and tenant interaction. It was such a good feeling when I was going out on inspections to visit the residents' homes,  and to be met by tenants who remembered my name, and were so eager to engage in good conversation about current events. Some tenants even offer funny jokes. I have met many residents and I find my interactions with them to be so rewarding."


Daisy is a mother of two wonderful adult children, and a grandmother to her two-year-old grandson, who she calls "my golden boy."

For her vacations, Daisy can usually be found at her favorite place to visit year-round: Ocean City, Maryland.

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