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Home Sweet Home #3 - Tackling Indoor Maintenance During The Winter Months

Updated: Jan 15

The winter months provide an excellent opportunity to take care of important indoor projects!


  • Avoid a stinky sink and deep clean your garbage disposal.

1. Turn off the power

2. Wipe the grinding chamber and drain

3. Deodorize with ice and vinegar

4. Keep it clean for the rest of year by grinding orange and lemon peels once a week

  • Clean your vents and change your HVAC filter at least once every two months!

  • Around tubs and toilets, re-caulk if necessary to prevent leaks and water damage in your bathroom.

  • Scrub the walls and fix any minor leaks to prevent mold and mildew

  • Start your spring cleaning early and donate unused items!

Looking for a place to donate some of your gently-used or new items? Housing Unlimited accepts Furniture & Other In-Kind Items! HUI homes are fully furnished with donated furniture. We always need living room and bedroom furniture. We are also looking for donations of wall art and kitchen supplies.

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