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September Housing Unlimited Staff Spotlight - Horace Carrington

Updated: Sep 19

Seen here with his two sons, who he has endearingly nicknamed “Method” and “Red”, Horace Carrington joined HUI just over five months ago. Born in Guyana, South America, Horace migrated to New York in 1978, and lived in Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, and Tucson, Arizona before moving to the DC metro area.

Horace loves politics and world affairs, real estate, football, baseball, soccer, fishing, outdoors, gardening, reading, and all mechanical and construction-related topics.

Before joining HUI, he worked with other non-profits serving individuals who are disabled, deaf, and hard of hearing and homeless veterans with mental disabilities. He was drawn to the job due to HUI's commitment to inclusiveness for all individuals in mental health recovery in communities throughout Montgomery County. Perhaps it is in his genes: His father led several housing developments in Guyana, including for those who were previously homeless and seniors who were without family.

Today, Horace is responsible for the daily property management of approximately 30 Housing Unlimited homes as well as managing the organization’s waitlist.

“I enjoy meeting the residents. I recently had a very poignant interaction with a tenant who was going through a really difficult period. I wanted her to know that life is worth fighting for, and I was a living example. I shared with her that she was looking at an individual who over 35 years ago was addicted to cocaine and crack and who was homeless and wanted to give up many times. I explained that no one should give up on life and life’s resilience is always available if we just try!”

Horace is a living example of resiliency and human kindness. We are fortunate for his compassion and expertise.

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