Partner Spotlight


The Invisible Hand Foundation lifts people over obstacles blocking a constructive path. The Invisible Hand Foundation is a unique and special organization; they believe that the dignity of those in need is paramount. Beneficiaries and benefactors are anonymous, always unknown to one another, and unless a beneficiary makes an exception, anonymous to the world. Anonymous giving tops the “golden ladder of giving” promoted by noted 12th century Spanish scholar and philosopher Maimonides. The model is more vital today than it was nine centuries later.

The Invisible Hand Foundation has stepped in to meet a wide variety of needs, including providing guidance to a schizophrenic teen facing legal challenges; facilitating transportation for a cancer patient who could not otherwise get to treatment sessions; furnishing counseling to trafficked teenage immigrant girls; assisting with housing for a single mother who lost her job and faced eviction; and arranging for complicated dental work for a brand-new, high school-age immigrant who was too ashamed to attend school.

Just as The Invisible Hand Foundation fills a niche to those with specific, special needs, Housing Unlimited fills a vital need to a target group that has gone largely unrecognized and unsupported throughout the ages. For more than 25 years, Housing Unlimited has maintained its focus to provide affordable housing for those in mental health recovery. The Invisible Hand Foundation recognizes that one’s greatest obstacle is often mental health. The Housing Unlimited mission is an inspirational pursuit of providing a continual lift over an ever-present obstacle for this discreet group of underserved members of the community. Housing Unlimited has developed successful and creative means of keeping its beneficiaries engaged with attainable goals.

The Invisible Hand Foundation’s mission is to lift people over an obstacle to get them back on a constructive path, not to be an enabler of destructive conduct. In the same way, Housing Unlimited provides the needed lift to its constituency, but the beneficiary is required to demonstrate the commitment to contribute and meet goals, and Housing Unlimited likewise will not enable destructive conduct. The Invisible Hand Foundation’s mission is simpatico with Housing Unlimited’s mission, and The Invisible Hand Foundation enjoys meeting the niche of its mission by supporting Housing Unlimited and its unique mission.