Cornerstone Montgomery Partner

Cornerstone Montgomery Housing Facilitation and Housing Coordination Services

Montgomery County government has contracted with Cornerstone Montgomery to offer optional services to all Housing Unlimited tenants.  While you are a Housing Unlimited tenant, there are 2 different types of Cornerstone Montgomery services and supports that you have access to: 

Housing Facilitator (HF) – This Cornerstone Montgomery staff member is available to facilitate group house meetings and helps address topics that include:

  • Mediation for interpersonal conflicts and household issues
  • Chore division and creating chore schedules
  • Review Housing Unlimited policies when needed and to clarify any sections of the policy

The main person for this role is Carmen Connor and she can be reached at 240-650-8412 or at

Housing Coordinator (HC) - This Cornerstone Montgomery staff member works with tenants on an individual level.  The HC assists tenants to connect with their existing supports to get help with their needs.   If the tenant does not have supports, the HC will partner with the tenant to get linkages with:

  • Clinic services; getting a therapist and/or psychiatrist
  • Emergency Services, such as the Crisis Center
  • Psychiatric rehabilitation programs (PRP), such as vocational and supported living. 
  • Apply for programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security (SSI/SSDI), Food Stamps, etc.
  • Apply for programs/resources in the community, such as MANNA, transportation services, social groups/networks, dental programs, day activities and much more. 

 The main person for this role is Stanley Tamale and he can be reached at 240-650-8410 or at

Cornerstone Montgomery staff members are happy to help you get the assistance you need.  Tenants are encouraged to use these services and have regular house meetings, so that if an issue arises, staff can be even more effective in giving support.

Please feel free to contact the HC or HF for any questions or needs you may have.  We are happy to help and are on your side to help you have a successful and pleasant experience in your Housing Unlimited home.   Still not sure who to call? To help guide and direct your call, contact Cornerstone Montgomery at 240-381-4461.